Personal Trainer to Go

Strength Training is for Everyone!

Personal Trainer to Go is in response to hundreds of people who have attended my 'Muscles Matter' Workshops, and have asked me if I could provide instructions for the exercises I demonstrated, as well as the resistance band I use during these exercises.

I know Personal Trainer to Go will be everything you need to help you get into shape!

In Personal Trainer to Go you will find my 50+ fitness exercise collection, together with a resistance band. I have arranged the exercises in muscle groups, so that if you want to focus on arms, you will find all the arm exercises you need. Similarly with other muscle groups – chest, back, shoulders, core etc. Simply look up the part of your body you want to work on and it's all there for you!

'Personal Trainer to Go' offers 50 exercises and 16 stretches.
Eight different exercises for your abs., six for your biceps and triceps, six to tone your back muscles, another seven to strengthen your chest, five fantastic core exercises, a whopping 11 for legs and glutes, and seven for your shoulders.

Now it's time to get started and create a stronger, toned and sculpted body ..... remember ..... There's no better time than right now to shape up.

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'Personal Trainer to Go' (including your Resistance Band) Today.